Accountancy for companies

Comprehensive accounting services for small, mid-size and large businesses. Services based on expert knowledge and practical experience.
księgowość dla spółek

Field knowledge

Our team comprises experienced accountants, who graduated from top, highly ranked universities and are more than adequately prepared to practise their profession.

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księgowść dla firm


Our team
consists of skilled individuals with years
of practical experience.

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Saving time and money

Our offer is very competitive. 

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We are looking forward to doing business with you!

We are committed to providing you with tailored solutions to meet your business needs while fully complying with relevant laws and regulations.

The idea behind Księgowość Warszawa KDS

Księgowość Warszawa KDS Ltd. was founded as a result of many years of cooperation between experienced accountants and lawyers. Our aim is to provide professional accounting services adequate for your business organization, taking into account your needs in terms of your professional activities and your company as such. We also make sure that the high quality of our services comes together with strictly adhering to pertinent laws and regulations. We always perform our services having in mind our clients' safety. Our headquarters is in Warsaw, however we help business entities across the whole country.

Full accounting services for companies and copartnerships.

We especially focus on providing full accounting services, mainly to limited liability companies. We are assisted by professional lawyers, specializing in company law.

We also provide accounting services for individual entrepreneurs.

Company registration – professional assistance in Warsaw.

As you can see looking at our business profile, we are mainly interested in companies and copartnerships. That is why we also register them on behalf of our clients. To ensure our clients' safety, we cooperate with leading defence attorneys and solicitors, professionals who successfully completed not only law studies but also a professional training and passed their final exams with outstanding results. We count among our associates lawyers who register our clients' companies and copartnerships. Not only do they have extensive knowledge but they also have considerable practical experience in such fields as: company law, trade law and economic law. Our lawyers have participated in and conducted business lawsuits, including damages lawsuits, so they definitely know how to ensure our clients' best interest by choosing the most appropriate legal action(s). We provide our services, such as registering companies or copartnerships on behalf of our clients, on very favourable terms.

Why are we trustworthy?

  • Our team is formed by highly knowledgeable and experienced accountants – as a result, we approach accountancy in an extremely practical way. Your company's safety is our priority.

  • Our accountants - members of our team - also provide services to large companies with foreign capital. We are able to deal effectively even with complex economic situations.

  • Our prices are very competitive - so there is no need to be afraid that you will incur significant costs when you have just started your business, you can keep on developing it with calm.

  • We constantly cooperate with defence attorneys and solicitors - it helps us make decisions and undertake actions in accordance with the law and ensure advantageous prices for our clients in terms of legal services in case of a dispute with the tax administration or legal proceedings in the Provincial Administrative Court (WSA) or in the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA).

thoroughly / professionally / in a timely and reliable manner